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From Passionate to Profressional

My Road to Diamonds & Jewelry

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Mollie Boutell Suarez's passion for gemology began in 1997 when she was employed as a sales professional at Zales Corporation. This introduction to the jewelry industry inspired her to earn her Graduate Gemologist diploma in January of 2001, while residing in California. Mollie's motivation, hard work and responsibility enabled her to earn her Gemological diploma. She attended the Residence Program at the Gemological Institute of America Headquarters, GIA, in Carlsbad, California. Completing the residence Program and earning her degree provided Mollie a solid foundation in gemological analysis and knowledge of the jewelry industry.


Mollie's next opportunity was presented when GIA hired her to grade diamonds for their Gem Trade Laboratory. This is where she learned the esteemed and highly-valued GIA Certification criteria. This 'criteria' analysis and evaluation is only taught to the Gem Trade Laboratory employees. Transitioning from a student to employee at GIA, was like earning a Doctorate Degree at a top-rated school. As an employee, Mollie learned and absorbed vital techniques and analytical skills that is only taught at GIA. GIA unveiled numerous techniques and tricks of the trade that are exclusive to GIA employees and unknown, or not practiced by, the average gemologist. Mollie was honored to be working for GIA as it distinguished her from many gemologists. She continues to use the knowledge and experiences gained at GIA for the benefit of her customers.


Mollie returned home to Tampa, Florida, where she excelled in her craft while working for fine jewelers such as Tiffany & Company, Mavilo, Home Shopping Network, and Continental Jewelers. With her comprehensive education from GIA and many years of experience and hard work at top jewelry companies, Mollie created IGS in 2005. IGS is an experienced appraisal company that gives unbiased jewelry appraisals Monday through Friday in South Tampa. IGS offers an expert appraiser, Mollie Suarez, and the highest quality equipment to ensure accurate appraisal.


Since the establishment of IGS, Mollie has been hired to mentor and provide staff trainings at other jewelry stores and conduct appraisal clinics. She has provided appraisals for top insurance companies such as State Farm Insurance and Allstate Insurance, as well as estate appraisals. With her reputation highly recognized in the Tampa area, Mollie has been sought and asked to appear as an expert witness in court cases. In numerous occasions she has aided the police and FBI by examining jewelry found in crime scenes. Mollie is a current member of the GIA Alumni, E Women's Network, The Know Tribe Tampa and Babe Crafted. Most importantly, Mollie keeps abreast of the jewelry industry by attending bi-annual seminars on gem findings, colored stone, diamond treatments, trends, and pricing. Her dedication to staying current on all gemological findings, combined with her passion to excel and seek cutting edge knowledge and experience, is what distinguishes Mollie and IGS's services from other companies.


“I'm enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with my clients, with the passion that you, my client, will be able to make an informed decision. I hope to see you soon.”

-Mollie Boutell Suarez

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