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About our Services

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When it comes to your fine jewelry, appraisals are more than necessary — they are essential.


There are many reasons to seek an appraisal such as insurance assessment quotes, resale, replacement market value, or simply curiosity. Our independent, unbiased gemologist can provide in-person, precise and un-biased evaluations, official certifications and peace of mind.

 We can often accommodate same-day appointments for the following services:

  • Internet Purchase Consultations

  • Pre-Purchase Evaluations/Post-Purchase Confirmations

  • Insurance Appraisals/Private Consultations 

  • Diamond Grading and Gem Identification/Certification Verification

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Forensic and Damage Reports 

  • Estate Planning or State Probate for Estate with a Will 

 For your jewelry appraisal appointment, you will need to bring

  • The item(s) being appraised 

  • Your receipt, if available  

  • A copy of all previous appraisals for the item(s) / Any previous certification of your gem

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